My Dharma teacher told us about a game

of make believe he played with his brother

in which he was Tarzan meeting


the Six Million Dollar Man, which reminded

me of a game I played with my sister

called Escape from East Berlin


which she never was into playing.

I wonder what make believe games

Prince Siddhartha played when he was a child


because I’m sure Shakyamuni Buddha

must have had quite an imagination

to have seen the world without suffering


and to make us believe it was within the realm

of possibility. I reflect on how the kids from Corona

don’t want to listen to me when I try and tell them


they should draw the faces of Chiba figures

proportionately smaller than normal humans

with the eye line in the lower fourth of the face


and how when riding the subway back to my apartment

my father tells me not to take up two seats with my bag

because it’s against the Rules of Riding the Subway.


After I focus my energies on the wisdom

of a Buddhist nun who wrote there is no place that is not

pervaded by Buddha, an enlightened mind,


I find myself consulting a Magic 8 Ball

this without fail gives me the same prediction:

Signs point to Yes.