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"The unique and fresh style of poetry used will draw you in and urge you on, submerging your mind completely in the enchantment and thrill of the words. Each poem is unique in both wording and meaning, and together they blend into one to deliver a profound message to set you on your journey to achieving complete fulfillment through spiritual illumination."

Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite


"All of these ... interest me and this journey or quest towards the Ultimate Reality and away from the Samsara is one that is especially relevant in today’s modern world. With the advent of machinery and technology, the focus of people is more and more on the material world and less on the natural and spiritual world. This collection is a good reminder of this fact..."

Gisela Dixon for Reader's Favorites

"At their best, the free-verse poems that follow work as prisms to fracture common occurrences into their component spiritual parts, hinting at an overall cohesiveness that the writer can imagine ... overall, the poems are genuine and compelling, blending spiritual questioning with an engaging humor and using language that is by turns down-to-earth and lushly suggestive.." -- Kirkus Reviews